This page contains system updates and links to other download pages for utilities and soundpatches for the Access Virus.

[Virus logo, stolen from the ACCESS site]
UTILITIES This page contains utilities for different computers and host applications (Cakewalk, Galaxy, Logic etc.). Everything (surprise!) has to do with the Virus: Utilities Galore
PATCHES If you are looking for user contributed and factory sounds for the Virus, this is the place to go: The patch page
SYSTEM UPDATES Note: old OS versions will no longer be available from my page. They could be causing problems that unfortunately nobody has the time to remedy...

Please send all questions you might have about OS versions to the mailinglist (for infos on how to get on the list follow the link to the mailinglist page.

The README (enclosed in the archives) contains important information about upgrading. To make sure you don't accidentally erase your sounds, be sure to read it!

The file format is .zip, a standard format for most computer platforms. I used .hqx (a Macintosh format) and .mid (MIDI-File) before but those were causing me too many questions and too much trouble. There are free utilities around the net that can easily unpack the .zip format.

The Format of the MIDI file itself has now been changed to format 0, enabling the QY700 to directly play back the OS to the Virus.


Version 2.52 for VIRUS a is a "user-update", it contains many features that were requested on my wishlist and the Access-list (the Virus user mailing list). New features include: simplified update procedure, new LED modes, new Control Smoothing modes, the Virus now reads Expression control, audition feature, Arpeggiator quantise and more.

Please refer to the Readme (anclosed in the archive) for details.

Version 2.52 for VIRUS a (OCT 2nd 1999)

By popular demand I put the entire package as a zip file (my fellow Mac users: you can expand this using Aladin's free Stuffit Expander which is downloadable from their website at and as individual files. Keep in mind that you need to "Save as..." the mid files because otherwise your browser will try to play back the MIDI files -- in vain since it is sysex...

Note: this version is for the original Virus (from now on will be referred to as Virus a) only. It won't load into the Virus b or kb. That version will follow within a few days.

Version 2.52 (240K whole package)
SAMPLES You already have a Virus but want to get inspired? You need to grab some groovy analog grooves? You are wondering if it's worth getting a Virus? (of course it is, and you know it...;). Here are some great and astonishing sounds in .WAV- and MP3-Format in pretty amazing quality that show off what the Virus can so if you let him do it. Virus samples in .WAV and .MP3 format
SUBMIT If you want to share sounds, infos, anything about the virus use this mailto and attach the sounds as a .mid or .zip or .sit/.hqx file to the mail: