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[Virus logo, stolen from the ACCESS site]
Yahoo the broadest first: Yahho created a category for the Virus where they try to collect links. Many of the links will be the same as here, but we try to back each other up... Yahoo: Virus related links
Access are the ones we are all talking about. They make the stuff. You should have heard about Access if you have gotten this far... They are from Germany, after all, so please note the ".de" domain ending.
TSi is the German distributor for Access and hosts Access's official website.
There is a user supported mailinglist for users and admirers of theVirus. It is called "access-list" and it's hosted by Teklab, a company providing exceelent support for electronic musicians. For infos how to get on the list, visit this link. You'll find other mailing lists there as well. The access-list
The Virus Visual Editor for Macintosh: it's a computer editor for the Virus for those of us who prefer not to use SoundDiver or Galaxy.
RP are Rob Papen's initials. All the sounds in the factory set of the Virus that contain a capital RP in their names are made by him. He is a professional sounddesigner and you can buy sounds from him for your Virus and a bunch of other instruments or comment on the factory sounds...
Ear2Ear is a company that makes the VIROLOGY commercial soundset for the Access Virus and the Synth Moogul Sampling CD/reference library for synths. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any demos on their site, so I don't know what it sounds like.
Raymund Bayer is a who contributed a lot to the Virus adaptation for SoundDiver and made some environments for Logic. He also collects sounds by people on the net here.
Galaxy is a software to edit and keep sounds in libraries for the Macintosh. Günther Albrecht thinks different and made a nice library adaptation for the Virus.
Tips and Tricks Tony Phillips is collecting all sorts of tips and tricks on his Virus page. check him out, and most important of all make sure his collection grows: send him your tips!
Sounds for the Virus are available in places like this: Ronald Picket made a collection for you to enjoy.
NICON are a trip hop/electronica project and you can guess which synths they heavily rely on...
Has nothing to do with the Virus but they say they use one. Site is great fun, too.
More music by a German project that uses the Virus (heavily).
Unrelated but fun for some: a photo gallery of viruses. Not the synths, the real ones...