This page contains all the important written stuff. In electrons of course...


[Virus logo, stolen from the ACCESS site]
[Virus picture]
[smoke comes out of the virus if the filter screams for too long]
Have you ever been in a hip club (with Internet access), anxious to play the gig with your Virus, when suddenly something goes wrong and you just need to take a look at that damned manual you left at home? Fear no more, for here it is in Adobe Acrobat format: English Version (PDF)
Deutsche Version (PDF)
2.01 -- the Vocoder OS introduced some whack new features that are a bit difficult to comprehend without a written documentation. It's not pronted but written: a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat) of the added features for version 2.x of the Virus OS English Version (PDF)
Deutsche Version (PDF)
NEW: a database FAQ by Zack Steinkamp. PLease use this FAQ as it is more current and easier to use.
The list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) (kept for backup reasons): FAQ
A list of tips and tricks about the Virus. A contribution by Christoph Kemper. After all he should know (in German)... tips & tricks
The sysex documentation (version 2.52): Virus sysex doc
The controller values of all Virus parameters. Print it, take it with you to the bathroom and make sure you know these by heart when you come back...: Virus controller values
Waves: this is a page that shows an overview of all the 64 waves contained in a Virus. This is fun to look at when trying out waveshapes for the OSCs or the LFOs. Virus Waves page
Waves 2: or you can download the entire package as a bundle of HTML files and GIFs. Virus Waves download (1.6MB)
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