These pages are user-created pages dedicated to the synthesizer "VIRUS" and related things, memes and products
by the German company ACCESS.

[updated: 9/22/06]

Virus logo, stolen from the ACCESS site

I am selling my Virus kb on ebay Germany. EU-shipping available (please contact me before bidding!). Please follow this link if you are interested:
Virus kb

Virus picture
[very posh polaroid of Canine's Virus a]

Virus evolves further: The most recent addition of the Virus line is the Virus Ti. Find all the info at the link to the right.

The main part of the Ti is the integration (TI stands for Total integration) part of the deal: the Ti is a hardware synth that you can connect to your Computer via USB. It then turns the Virus Ti into a sort of a powered plugin, where the audio is routed to the Virus and processed from there, then routed back into the computer. Or the sound engine of the Virus itself is routed to the computer.

But at the same time the plugin is the ersatz-Soundiver, directly inside your Sequencer (the plugin is AU and VST, or will be), but the controls of the Virus remain active as well.

This sounds like a good idea and a very good reason to join the masses putting their old Viruses on ebay. Or an even better time to pick one of those old Viruses up on ebay...;)

The friendly people at Sounds of Revolution alerted me to the fact that they have a new sound set for the Virus C available. It's compatible with the TI and you can purchase it at the link to the right.

Access Virus Masterclass: the mag SOS (Sound on Sound) has put a Virus sound programming tutorial online. follow the link to the right and learn and learn...

Access Virus Masterclass

Used Virus prices: Now with the upcoming release of the Virus Ti, the older models of the Virus are becoming more affordable on auction sites worldwide. If you have been considering getting a Virus, you might want to check out Prepal, a site that tracks and averages prices of used gear. I don't know how current this is, but it seemed like a good idea and one opinion among others to be consulted before buying (or selling)

Virus hits the airwaves: well almost anyways... listen to free music produced with Virus synthesizers through MP3's webstream (free registration req'd)

Virus Radio

Operating System News: Access has released the following versions for the different synths:

Access' other products: maybe you came here to learn a bit about other products. This page gives you an overview and some essential links...


SEARCH: My VIRUS page now finally contains a search function. You can search the entire site and will be returned to a page at with your search results. A link will savely return you here.

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User contributed sounds, soundexamples (WAV), updates to the operating system and utilities


Information and documentation about the Virus. Manuals, Sysex, Controller, FAQ and all that on one clean page.


There is a user supported mailinglist for users and admirers of the Virus. It is called "access-list" and it's hosted by, a community providing excellent support for electronic musicians. For infos how to get on the list, visit this links:

The access-list at

Archive for the mailing list. Messages are archived in monthly files. Please use the search function above to search the archive.


The link page contains all the links you might find necessary and/or interesting. All the sites I know about that have anything to do with the Virus.

Links about the Virus

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Even though I get some great support by Access, this page is not theirs and opinions expressed on this page are solely my own (unless noted otherwise). The intent of these pages is in no way to advertise a commercial product. It is rather the idea of an enthusiastic Virus user (that would be me, Canine) to help to provide other users with a means for communications, exchange and information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

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